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Professional NEWBORN Photo Studio in Fairfax, VA




$ 397 


It includes:


✓ one newborn baby only 

✓ 1 outfit and one set up is provided for this session

✓ Preliminary consultation to create the beautiful style of your session

✓ Online preview gallery for friends and family 

✓ Up to 1 hour professional photoshoot
   ✓ Location: Photo Studio Fairfax, VA




ADDITIONALLY you can order:

Edited photos - $100 (one photo)

Additional people (children) - $100 (one person)
Bringing pets to photoshoot -200$
Weekend photoshoot - $200

Additional set up, props or outfits - $50

Dresses and outfits for rent - from $50

Make up and hair styling - from $350

Prints and photobooks - from $250

Film -from $250

Travel to outdoor or to your destination/home DMV area - 500$


Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for the experienced newborn photogrpaher who can give a lot of individual attention to your baby?
- We are creating professional newborn portraits for over 10 years. Our schedule is designed that way that we help you find the best time for your newborn photoshoot based on your baby's schedule. We only carry one newborn portrait sesison a day to give you a lot of flexibility and time to feed and change your baby during your photoshoot.
Are you wondering how safe it is to bring your newborn to the photo studio?
- Our home photo studio is conveniently located in Fairfax. It is easy to drive to our studio and there is a parking spot right next to the entrance. Newborn photo studio is equipped with everything you need for your baby: changing table, diapers, white noise, hot water to rinse the pacifier or to prepare formula, snack and water for parents, bathroom at the entrance and the convenient sofa to lay on and have some rest while your baby is being photographed and cared for. We only hold one session a day to allow the time to proper sanitise all the equipment and props. We use only eco products for washing the newborn outfits. Our staff is fully vaccinated and is wearing masks during your newborn photoshoot to keep you safe from COVID-19. We are regularly sanitizing our hands for additional safety.
Are you thinking that baby should grow bigger before taking their first portraits?
- We recommend to take your newborn baby for photoshoot somewhere between 5 to 10 days after birth. This is a golden time which allows you several days to adjust to the baby's schedule and breastfeeding patterns, get used to the new life with your newborn and yet, not to miss the most important- capturing the sweetest newborn smiles and cutest poses, as your baby is still very little, sleepy and flexible. This usually makes the photoshoot go smooth and easy for your newborn and for you as new mother.
Are you worried that you do not have time for shopping and preparing for your photoshoot?
- Our boutique newborn photo studio is happy to offer you the most beautiful collection of designs of props, hand-made outfits, amazing set up and beautiful backdrops to match any color, style an design you have in your home or nursery. Just imagine those colorfyl portraits proudly hanging on the walls in your living room or decorating your baby's room and helping them remember how cute they looked when they were so little. You do not need to bring anything with you, we are happy to provide it all.
Are you feeling too tired after giving birth and not sure you can handle the session?
- Our photographer Anna Isaiko is also a Certified Birth and Postpartum doula and a Certified Lactation Counselor. She has a lot of professional experience caring for the new mothers during and after birth and will be provide extra care and support during your newborn session. We handle newborn babies with extra care and we also remember how tired your migh feel after giving birth, so we can offer you a nice relaxing couch with the pillows to lay on during your photoshoot, convenient place to breasteed your baby, snack, juice and water to replenish your energy supply. And if you and your partner would like to participate in this portrait session, we are also happy to offer professional make up and hair styling services, dresses and other outfits to match your baby's style. Thos portraits can mean so much to your little son or daugter.
What if I prefer to do our newborn session at the comfort of my home?
- We also offer in-home newborn sessions and provide all the props which we can discuss during our preliminary consultation. We charge additional travel fee of $100 for any location within the DMV. For your in-home newborn session we will be using the place by the window which preferably gives the most a mount of day light, as this way the pictures turn out truly amazing. Make up artist will be happy to assist your family during the photoshoot at your house. Just let us arrange everything for you in the best way possible.
Are you in doubts if newborn portraits are really worth it?
- Professional NEWBORN PORTRAITS can become the best investment for you and your newborn baby. They are the only way remember how you and your baby looked like right after birth. A lot of parents know how busy it can get immediately after giving birth. So many things to worry about: how to arrange the nursery, what type of diapers to by, how to feed your baby, how to arrange the healthcare. This is especially true if there are siblings in the family. Life can get so busy that, without noticing, your baby growth and you suddenly missed that timeframe for creating those perfect newborn images. Therefore, we higly recommend to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with us and BOOK your NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT before giving birth. A lot of parents book their session with us based on their due dates.  We highly recommend scheduling your photoshoot in advance to make sure we reserve your spot in our photo studio.

Yet, life can be unpredictable and  if you missed a moment and your baby is one month or older, please contact us and we will offer you the unique combination of newborn-baby portraits ( combination of posed and lefestyle photography for you and your baby) or mother-and-me photoshoot which will capture your unique relationships with your baby as you breasfeed them or giving them a hug and they respond with the sweetest smile.
What if I have twins?!
Twins are double happiness, right?! Let us help you experience it by swaddling your babies and offering the cutest buckets to pose in, so that they can peacefully sleep while we create the timeless memories and you are enjoying the moment knowing- your gave birth to those wonderful babies!
And what about the pictures? I am afraid to be disappointed with the results
Over 1000 babies have received the unique GIFT they will cherish forever. We offer the most beautiful and safe posing tecniques, high end editign styles and unique designs of your photobooks.  So your pictures will look like the magazine! On top of that, we offer you the possibility to choose and purchase only the NEWBORN PORTRAITS you LOVE! There will be online gallery provided and you are welcome to share it with your family and friends to help you select the most beautiful pictures of your baby. You can order exactly what you love, and we will help you to design the layout of your photo book or wall art to make sure you have unforgettable experience with us.
- Our newborn photo studio if happy to offer you Hand made GIFT certificates to present to the new parents of the newborn. This can be an excellent GIFT for the baby shower. And we can also create a GIFT registry for you to share with Friends and Family so that that can contribute to your professional photography services and share this beautiful and unque experience with you!

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